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Green Park is one of the Royal parks in London and is unique in the fact that it has no features other and grass and trees with no formal planting whatsoever. The story goes that King Charles II wife found out that Charles had picked some flowers in the park and given them to another woman and so enraged was she that she ordered every single flower in the park be pulled up and no more ever planted, although how true that remains questionable! Charles II did build the UK’s first icehouse in Green park so that he and his guests could enjoy cool drinks in the summer.

The Park covers some 40 acres of what was originally marshy meadowland, much of London started life like this until it was cultivated. It was used primarily for hunting and possibly the occasional duel until Charles II fenced it all off, stocked it with deer and built a ranger’s house. Up until 1746, it was known as Upper St James’ Park but records show that after this date the name Green park was used.

The use of Green Park as open parkland was the final link in the chain of parks which surround the city. It is sited between St James’ Park and Hyde Park and continues the theme of green space from Westminster all the way through to Kensington. It is used by joggers and those in the city who like to sit and enjoy the rare sunshine that England occasionally sees. The Canada gates at the southern entrance of the park were given to London by Canada as a memorial to Queen Victoria who died in 1901. They match the gates at Buckingham Palace and are much more ornate than the two smaller gates presented by Australia and South Africa – we know who we prefer presents from!

If you are staying in London long term then you may decide to rent an apartment in the area. There are very few residential properties in terms of houses in this part of London and most properties to buy or rent do tend to be light and airy apartments. Make sure you have plenty of cash to spend through as most are in excess of £2 million for a two bedroom apartment.Many of our regular clients enjoy the fact that they live in this exclusive area of London and our high class escorts are always more than happy to visit clients in this area of the city. There are some excellent places to visit although once you are in the company of one our beautiful Green park escorts you are most unlikely to want to go too far from the privacy of your apartment.

If the price of property in this part of London seems a little out of reach then you will be delighted to find out that there are plenty of affordable hotels locally where you can enjoy an outcall tryst with any of our Green park escorts. Why not give us a call and let us know where you are staying and we can have one of our beautiful green Park escorts with you in no time. As the private hunting ground for King Charles II in the 1600’s, Green Park was originally not a place that Londoners could go however when it was later opened to the public it formed part of the 4 major Royal parks which offer so much beauty and space in central London.

Best Escorts in Green Park

Green Park was named so because of its lack of features other than grass and trees. Most of the other Royal parks have formal planting and architecture but Green Park has remained as natural and as close to its original look back when it was private land and used solely by the King. When you are in the Park it is difficult to imagine that you are in one of the busiest and noisiest areas of London. If something is described as being ‘like Piccadilly Circus’ this is the definition of bedlam and chaos so when you are sitting serenely in Green Park enjoying the birdsong and chatting with your chosen Green park escort you can wonder at the ability to forget your surroundings.

Given that your Green Park escort is likely to be one of the most beautiful women you will have ever seen, you are likely to forget where you are anyway, the atmosphere and ambience will help even further. Green Park is surrounded by many of the top hotels in London. It is where many businessmen stay when they come to London as lots of companies have accounts at these locations. Our Green park escorts are always more than happy to visit clients at their hotels and their discretion means that they blend in with all the other guests and never draw any undue attention to themselves.

Green Park is not a very popular area for residential accommodation. There are some leased apartments however these are very few and far between and most are only available for visitors on short timescales. Our Green Park escorts are always happy to provide outcalls to clients and whilst some of our Green park escorts do live locally there are very few people who have a great view of the park itself. At Honeys of London, we aim to provide an extensive and varied portfolio of beautiful escorts of all types that will appeal to all our clients.

We understand that everyone has different tastes and desires and so not only are our beautiful Green Park escorts unique in their looks they also have their very own desires and personal preferences as to the type of fun that they enjoy. If clients want to enjoy a more daring and adventurous encounter then we have Green Park escorts who are perfect or for those more romantic moments, our sweet and sensual escorts in green Park will be more than ideal. Why not view our gallery of gorgeous escorts in Green Park and then call to make your date. We aim to fulfil all requests although last minute encounters may prove more difficult at times, especially given the fact that our Green park escort girls are always very popular.

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