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Our experienced Kings cross escorts offer a highly charged encounter which will ignite the flame of passion within. Our London beauties are all eager to ensure that you have the very best time in their company and each and every encounter is unique no matter how many times you see the same London escort. In king’s cross especially, the area used to be known for its red light district and even today we get many calls from gentlemen who are not from London as the reputation of the area is known worldwide. Kings Cross is not like it used to be though. In years gone by it was not an area that you would go in the evening or even the daytime for that matter.

It was dangerous and a place where you would be most likely to end up in trouble however after years of restructure and some massive improvements, Kings Cross is a shining example of urban regeneration and gentrification.There are plenty of luxury 5-star hotels in Kings Cross and the bedsit and high rise towers have been replaced with luxury living in the form of deluxe apartments and serviced and concierge buildings. Only the most successful life in this central London area and our high-class London escorts reflect the high class of clientele we have in this area.The escorts in kings cross are very different from the streetwalkers and working girls of years gone by.

High class and elite companions have replaced the old ladies of the night and it is now not possible or indeed desirable to drive around the streets looking for a local hooker. In Kings Cross, you will only be able to date exclusive companions of the highest calibre and all of these dates must be made with a prior appointment.Our galleries have been built with class and refinement in mind. We not only have some of the most beautiful and experienced ladies in the city but they are also extremely intelligent and fantastic fun to be with. They are ideal for dates for public engagements as well as private trusts and they are always perfectly presented in an understated glamour as you would expect for such a prestigious area of central London.All our London escorts are extremely open indeed and happy to indulge you in your wildest fantasies and pleasures.

Our escort girls have extensive wardrobes full of costumes and lingerie which are ideal for all sorts of fun and different types of encounters. They have every accessory known to man to enhance and lift the limits of your pleasure to dizzying heights. If there is something perhaps that you have never tried but always liked to sample then do speak with one of our team and we can make your date with the Kings cross escort who suits you best. Where our new escorts do not have as much experience as some they certainly do not lack in natural flair and talent so rest assured that whoever you choose to spend your date with it will be an explosive and mind blowing encounter.

Kings Cross has a long and colourful history as an Industrial area of the city. After its heyday in the early part of the 20th century, a downturn in Industrial use left much of the area derelict and disused and it is only in recent years that it has enjoyed a huge influx of cash in order to set about regenerating the entire area. Set to the North of Kings Cross station in an area which was once disused train yards and warehouses a modern and vibrant quarter of London has sprung up offering everything anyone could want or ever need including homes, entertainment, business, commercial and cultural venues for locals and visitors to enjoy. Even though the area is undergoing a massive transformation it has still not lost its historical importance and with over 20 buildings like the Gasholder which held gas for the city of London being turned into an innovative green space for locals and workers to enjoy.

Kings Cross certainly makes use of the imagination of its developers although they are not the only people in the area with a wild and exciting imagination.Kings cross was known as a seedy red light district in London right up until the redevelopment started taking place. It would have been very unlikely at that time to enjoy a tryst with a high class London escort. With all the work going on and the efforts to make the area more appealing a whole new, more affluent demography is emerging and some of these people include our very own high class Kings Cross escorts.

The modern apartments with far reaching views of the city are attracting all sorts of well-heeled and successful people. Our very own Kings Cross escorts love to entertain their companions at their home addresses or given the fact that the 5 star great Northern Hotel has been remodelled in the glamorous style of its original 1854 design this may be an elegant and fitting location to wine and dine your chosen companion. Kings Cross is a very different area of the place it was only 20 years ago and those who have not visited for a while or who have always avoided it would be in for a surprise!

The very fact that our high class and elite Kings cross escorts are happy to live in this part of London is a testament to its newfound success and affluence and we believe it is a great place to enjoy a liaison with any of our exclusive and elegant beauties. Kings Cross is obviously a major travel hub in the city although in previous years people tended to pass through as is was not a desirable place to linger for very long. It is a completely different story now and visitors upon arriving at the station tend to look locally for their fun and this, of course, includes dates with our beautiful Kings cross escorts. Call Honeys of London when you decide that you are going to treat yourself to some feminine company as our high class Kings cross escorts are the cream of the crop.

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