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London Bridge denotes the area around the bridge itself although the tube station is located on the southern side of the Thames. Monument station is across the water (monument being where the monument to the Great Fire of London is located) and both are equally accessible given that only a short stroll across the Thames itself is between both places. London Bridge connects the city of London and Southwark so whether you choose to spend time with a South London escort or a City escort in central London you can do so at London bridge as it is an area which is close to both.

As you would expect in such a central area of the city there are plenty of hotels in which tourists and visitors stay and rooms can be booked for anything from a single night to a longer stay if you prefer. In the summer months, especially since the view from some of the rooms is so spectacular, finding a room can be difficult and as with our own London bridge escorts, we advise clients to book with some advance notice where possible. London Bridge has a rich history in the city and there has been a bridge of some sorts on this location for hundreds of years. It has seen pretty much all of the city’s history and indeed was a focal point on many occasions whether for celebration or law enforcement.

When it was first built in 1176 it actually had shops and homes built on it, as of course there was no need for wide roads. These actually assisted in holding the structure up but the people of that time were a little over-enthusiastic and many of these buildings touched in the middle making London bridge more of a tunnel. The bridge has seen many repairs and rebuilds over the years and indeed the Nursery Rhyme ‘London bridge is falling down’ refers to the collapse of 1281 where ice on the Thames literally crushed the arches and ‘my fair lady’ refers to the unpopular Queen Eleanor who did not use the taxes to maintain the bridge and was blames for its collapse.

For those who complain about the traffic congestion in London now, in the middle ages due to the overcrowded houses on the bridge it could take as long as an hour to cross it! Today you certainly wouldn’t have to wait that long to get across the water. Our London bridge escorts are extremely accessible and many are available at short notice. Whether they live on the North side at Monument or the Southside in Borough, you can get to the quick so that you can fulfil your passion without any tedious wait.

Our London bridge escorts are the perfect companions to spend time with and enjoy the beautiful view across the water although given the fact that our high class London bridge escorts are just as beautiful, if not more so you could be forgiven for ignoring the cityscape in favour of something much more interesting. Indeed, our open-minded and adventurous escorts in London bridge certainly know how to keep your attention so you may want to postpone any engagements and leave yourself free to thoroughly enjoy your time with the London Bridge escort of your choice.

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