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Pimlico escorts Pimlico is the quiet sister of Belgravia. Whereas its more well-known sibling gets all the accolade and publicity, Pimlico sits on the fringes of fame quietly providing everything the more well known (and expensive) area does but without the fanfare. Pimlico boasts wide, quiet streets with large imposing white stucco houses and private garden squares only accessible for wealthy local homeowners and its central location in the London borough of Westminster means that it is usually within walking distance of all well-known areas in London.

However, it is almost a forgotten area of the city in terms of self-promotion and this makes it an ideal place to enjoy a quiet and intimate encounter with any of our high class Pimlico escorts. Pimlico is one of London’s best-kept secrets. Close to Victoria station, which is one of the main transport hubs of the city it welcomes hundreds of thousands of London visitors every year. It does not have the Landmarks and tourist attractions of other areas and this is why it still retains a wonderful sense of class and style that, once found, those who discover it don’t want to share so readily. Our very own Pimlico escorts have discovered this virtual oasis in the city and it is from here that they entertain their affluent gentlemen clients in London.

Our incall escorts in Pimlico are ladies with whom you can guarantee a high class date either out on the town or in private at their own luxury homes. Indeed given that so many visitors pour into London through nearby Victoria, there are a huge variety of different boutique hotels that travellers stay in although they tend to use Pimlico as a base and spend their time in other areas of London, leaving those who are in the know to enjoy the relative peace and tranquillity. Given that there are so many different hotels and independently owned guesthouses in this part of London these make for ideal places to request the company of our outcall escorts.

Our elite London escorts are always more than happy to visit clients here as they know that their clients are likely to be those who appreciate beauty and class when they see it. As you can see our galleries are filled with high-class escorts and models from around the world so it is only expected that clients with taste and style should want to appreciate such beauty and such great service with a quieter city backdrop and in a place where there are no distractions from outside noise of commotion. At Honeys of London, we thoroughly recommend our Pimlico escorts for those who appreciate style and class.

Our Pimlico escorts echo the exclusivity of the area and the tasteful style of the location. Intimate dining and understated glamour is the order of the day in this part of London and indeed our high class Pimlico escorts are every bit as stylish as clients could ever hope for. Our Pimlico escorts are available for all types of encounters and their exclusivity simply means that clients can look forward to a more pleasurable and memorable encounter in London.

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