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Russell Square escorts Russell square is yet another area of London which started life as part of the estate of the aristocracy. The Earl of Bedford owned the land which stretched over various parts of Bloomsbury including Covent garden and it was developed to create the well known garden squares of large town houses for the upper-middle classes to live in. The entire Russell Square development was built within the gardens of the Duke’s house – Bedford house and to this day the square itself is still owned by the family although the streets which sit on the outskirts of the large formal gardens are owned by Camden. A beautiful place which has lost none of its charm and appeal over the years, it is now home to many of our gorgeous and elegant Russell square escorts. Like so many locations in central London, its current inhabitants may not be from the aristocracy however they are still very well heeled and affluent in the city indeed our very own Russell square escorts are extremely successful young women and in a class of their own compared to escorts in the greater London area. They love to entertain their clients in their luxury apartments which have been sympathetically converted from the original buildings created centuries ago and whilst the area has grown with the times, it still retains a sense of peaceful elegance and refinement. This is exactly what our clients are looming for in their exclusive and high class Russell square escorts. Whilst Russell Square does not tend to get a great deal of transients passing through, residents tend to put down their roots and stay there, given that it is such a beautiful area. It still has a few elements which hark back to a different age. The cabman’s shelter is just one of them. A listed building now, it was a place where the hansom cab drivers could shelter from inclement weather and later for the hackney cab drivers to take their breaks. It is one of the last remaining buildings of its kind and evokes a wonderful sense of preservation to a different area which has been lost in so many places in London. Russell Square has an appeal which is unique to this area alone and not surprisingly our Russell Square escorts echo this uniqueness. They are elegant yet open minded, sexy yet so adventurous, you can combine the very best of all the escort services with our beautiful Russell Square escorts and whilst it may not be the first place that clients look to book an incall appointment, once discovered it always compares favourably to booking a date anywhere else. There are few entertainment venues locally and one would need to go to other areas to find a greater choice of fine dining or social encounters however if clients book a date with our high class Russell square escorts, they tend to be looking to enjoy an intimate liaison rather than a wild night out. Elegance, eloquence and refinement are the order of the day in this beautiful and preserved part of London and indeed our beautiful Russell square escorts are the very embodiment of the area so why not give us a call and make your exquisite date tonight.
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