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30 minute incall escorts Our 30 minute incall escorts offer just the right distraction during a busy working day. In London we understand that our work and other commitments mean that we often have little time to do the things we really enjoy so rather than miss out entirely, our high class London escorts offer 30 minute trysts which are just enough to get you through the day! 30 minutes doesn’t sound like a very long time however it is just enough so that our clients do not have to forgo their pleasure entirely. Given that our escorts offer these tantalising trysts from their home incall locations means that usually clients will find someone close to their workplace or even the station they use to commute and means that they can enjoy a 30 minute date without ruining their schedule. There is nothing worse than missing the last train home so where clients often find themselves waiting around a cold station platform, they can now use their time in a much more enjoyable way and still manage to grab the last seat. Equally, lunchtimes can be better spent in the arms of one of our gorgeous London escorts rather than eating at your desk and getting no break at all. Given that these trysts are only for 30 minutes means that they are affordable for everyone and offer just the right amount of fun to revive and revitalise you for the rest of the day or evening ahead. A 30 minute incall escort encounter can give you that extra boost you need to get yourself through the week and continue with your schedule without missing a beat. In such a busy city our 30 minute dates have proven extremely popular and whilst some might see them as being a rushed and hurried encounter, you would be surprised as to how much fun you can have in 30 minutes. Of course 30 minutes with one of our beautiful London escorts is going to feel like it is a much shorter time than 30 minutes on the treadmill – but you will probably burn the same calories! So why not skip the lunchtime session a the gym and get your aerobic exercise elsewhere? We have tried to think of everything with these encounters and we know that sometimes clients like to act upon impulse and if they see that they have a spare 30 minutes they want to take best advantage of that opportunity. We have escorts who are located close to London tube stations so that your time is not wasted on travel. You can hop on a tube and enjoy your date and then get back to work before anyone notices you are gone. All anyone will know is the fact that you suddenly have a smile on your face and a glow in your cheek! Our 30 minute incall encounters might be known as a quickie however our London escorts still offer that unrushed and relaxing service our clients adore just to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their time together. If you are lacking in time, if not desire, call Honeys of London to make a quick date with our London escorts.
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