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Bisexual escorts Society today is much more open with our emotions and desires and so women who are genuinely bisexual are much more common than in previous times. It is accepted that women have a fluidity about their sensuality and one woman’s physical appreciation for another is the stuff of most men’s dreams. At Honeys of London our bisexual escorts thoroughly enjoy spending intimate and private time with both men and women and so this opens up untold and numerous possibilities in the pursuit of pleasure. Couples can now enjoy a tryst with one of our escorts who will be more than happy to share intimacy with both the man and the woman at the same time. Indeed threesomes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our bisexual London escorts. Bisexual escorts are extremely open minded and have no set ideas as to what should and should not be enjoyed. They are slaves to their own sense of delight and make no differentiation between enjoying their time with a woman or a man as both chances are seen as equally appealing. Our clients can therefore enjoy a variety of different types of pleasure with our bisexual escorts. Duos are always a popular request where two of our bisexual escorts enjoy a tryst with a single male client. The clients can then be as active as he wishes in that he can choose to be the centre of attention and have the two bisexual escorts attend to his needs in unison or he can take a more voyeuristic approach and be a part of an intimacy between the two escorts themselves. Since voyeurism is the top fantasy for most people, many of our clients enjoy an element of both during their encounters with our bisexual london escorts so there are no set rules and almost any combination or variation of fun is acceptable. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves then that is all that matters. For couples, the chance to add an extra element of spice to their private play can take the form of adding a new person into the mix. In previous times this would usually be a mutual friend or acquaintance but this could lead to emotional problems further down the road. Where our bisexual escorts are involved, there are no emotions, no ongoing commitments and certainly no future communication beyond the tryst. Like a fleeting fantasy, a couple can enjoy an encounter with a bisexual escort who knows exactly how to please both the man and the woman. Our bisexual escorts are available in all areas of london and are happy to offer incalls and outcalls too. Usually with a couples encounter the escort wlil travel to the home of the couple or the tryst will take place in a hotel. Of course there is time spent beforehand getting to know the couple and all rules and boundaries will be respected and never crossed. The encounter is all about adding a new element to the relationship and forging a new bond through a shared experience and for single gents the chance to realise a long held sensual fantasy is something not to be missed.
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