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Couples escorts There comes a time in every relationship where the desire to take the next step and discover something new reveals itself. Sometimes this can cause problems but where both parties are committed and secure the introduction of an additional female into the intimacy can strengthen the relationship like nothing else. Our couples escorts are those additional females that can help you achieve the height of satisfaction and gratification. They are the missing element in your fun and offer all of the benefits of adventurous play with none of the emotional drawbacks. Couples have always sought to enhance their experiences together which is why the threesome exists in the first place however where a mutual friend or associate acts as the additional female it can sometimes cause issues beyond the initial encounter. Our couples escorts are a safe way of achieving the dream and desire to experience something new but without the risk of any future entanglement or disruption to the ongoing relationship. Our high class couples escorts are genuinely bisexual and love intimacy with both men and women. This makes them ideal as the are always happy to share their experience and skills with both parties or simply just one if preferred. Couples escorts offer an exciting way for the woman to experience a bisexual encounter in the presence of her partner. He on the other hand may not be involved in the intimacy whatsoever but be happy to observe and perhaps enjoy the moment with his partner whilst our couples escort encourages both the achieve the heady heights of fulfilment. Our couples escorts are only interested in fulfilling the physical desires of the couple. There is no ongoing relationship and no further obligation or commitment beyond the encounter. Any awkwardness after the event is non-existent as there is no ongoing socialising necessary. Couples who seek to enhance their pleasure in a new and exciting way love to choose the ideal couples escort for them. Each of our couples escorts is sympathetic to the needs of the female in the couple as it does tend to be the woman that the couples escort will take her cue from throughout the fun. At Honeys of London our couples escorts are respectful and friendly and happy to discuss any boundaries at the start of your encounter. Why not take some time to relax over a drink or two and chat about your expectations and concerns. Our high class London escorts should be able to allay any fears you may have enough to simply relax and enjoy your encounter. You never know, most couples tend to enjoy their experience so much that they return to repeat the tryst with other escorts within our portfolio. Why not open a new chapter to your relationship and strengthen your bond with a saucy shared experience with one of our couples escorts. All our London escorts are happy to visit couples in their own homes or, as is usually preferred, in a hotel in London. Enjoying this type of tryst in a hotel always adds an extra thrill to the encounter and is something we thoroughly recommend to couples who may be considering enjoying this type of escort date for the first time.
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