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Our duo escorts are available to together and spend intimate and private time with you, where you take front and centre stage in the heart of all the action. To spend time with one of our London escorts is pleasure enough however to share a naughty encounter with two of our beauties is certainly worth experiencing! Our duo escorts are not always bisexual and it is not always necessary depending on the type of encounter you want to experience. A duo simply means that the client will spend the encounter with two of our beauties however whether it is an active or passive encounter depends on whether he will require those escorts to be bisexual or not. Two escorts each lavishing their attention son the male companion rather than on each other do not need to be bisexual. There is no deep intimacy between the escorts who always focus on the client at all times. This may be at the same time together or independently however if the client wants everyone to be involved with each other then there is a requirement for those escorts to enjoy intimacy with both men and women. Indeed we have a number of clients who like to book escort duos in order to take a back seat and enjoy more of a spectator role as their chosen companions enjoy each other’s company. The combination of the duo is completely up to the client to a point. As with everything in life some pairs work better together than others and so within the boundaries of mutual respect and attraction, our clients can choose the two beauties that he would like to spend time with from our gallery of London duo escorts. Some men like to mix things up a bit and perhaps pair a blonde with a brunette or perhaps a busty escort with a petite escort. The possibilities and the options for fun are endless and as with most things, the only limitation is the client’s own imagination. For the most part our duo escort service is usually enjoyed either at the clients home or hotel. Our London escorts are happy to visit at any time of the day or night and indeed if you would like to incorporate role play for fantasy fun then this can be arranged too. The sky is the limit in these scenarios and the bolder and braver you get, he more fun you will have. The duo encounter enables a single man to enjoy a threesome. Usually he is the centre of all the action where the two beauties will lavish their attentions upon him. This frenetic encounter is one which is usually enjoyed with abandonment with just your senses taking control in an otherwise incoherent melee. As you can see from our gallery we have a number of bisexual and straight escorts available for duos although do decide which type of tryst you would like to try as it will reflect on the companions you can choose. If you need assistance then do not hesitate to contact our team who are always more than willing to help.
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