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Mature escorts There is much to be said for a more mature and experienced London escort. The skill and expertise that can only be learned through experience is a quality that our mature escorts possess in abundance. Even though we call our ladies mature escorts, in truth there are never much more than their thirties and still retain that enviable figure and sensual charm. A date with a mature escort is usually one which is on a level playing field. Your chosen mature escort will be confident, outgoing and very open minded and more than usually very well matched. They have moved past the giddiness of youthful exuberance and on to a place of erotic pleasure and selflessness that all our clients enjoy. Our mature London escorts are women who know what they want and what they like. They also have the confidence and skills to go out and get it and so make for exciting and adventurous companions. For those who are meeting with an escort for the first time we always recommend one of our mature London escorts. They have the experience, skills, talents and patience to guide their companions to the height of their pleasure. Our mature London escorts are gifted and talented and are not afraid to take the lead in order to enjoy something a little different. Our older escorts are extremely responsive and alluring and it is their enthusiasm and talent that make them some of the most erotic and desirable women you could ever hope to meet. Our mature London escorts could easily be mistaken for women in their twenties. They have perfect hour glass figures and flawless beauty that belies their age however with their life experience they have a certain poise and knowledge about them that is undeniably attractive. Even for those who have met with escorts before, a date with a mature London escort is a real eye opener and affords the client the chance to experience an encounter with someone utterly irresistible. Mature escorts are sometimes known as MILFs which may not be too derogatory and certainly a good description for some of these beauties. Cougar is another term that is used although somewhat less so but for our older gentlemen, mature escorts are the perfect companions for all sorts of dates and companionship. There are many clients for whom a date with a twenty something or worse, a teen escort is not a desirable option. Many gents prefer to enjoy their time with someone nearer their own age who has an understanding of the world in the same way that they do. It is true that the older we get our outlook and perception of life changes and so to share intimate moments with someone who does not see the world in the same way is an opportunity missed. Our high class London escorts share their most intimate moments with their companions and so in order to fully enjoy them to the very limit we aim to match clients with the escorts who are most suitable. Many of our clients prefer our mature beauties as they offer the skill, experience and general shared interests which always makes for a much more enjoyable and well matched encounter. Call Honeys of London to make a date with our high class Mature London escorts.
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